Candidate Recommendations for the Ohio Mid-Term Elections

My fellow American Patriots,

Below is my list of the candidates for whom I will be casting my vote in the upcoming mid-term elections. I’m sure you understand how critical the upcoming mid-term elections are to the future of our beloved Republic, and I know that voting for true, America-first, conservatives is key to correcting the destruction brought upon our nation by those who seek to destroy it. I assure you, where feasible I’ve chosen the candidate possessing both the best possible platform and/or record, and the best chance of winning as well. However, where a Republican candidate has shown a history of anti-American policies and voting, I’ve eliminated that person as a possibility – most notably, Mike DeWine: He’s a RINO of the highest order and must have his career soundly ended this November. Aside from that, I’ve chosen the candidates on my list based on what I believe to be honesty and integrity, and their true desire to bring Ohio, and America, back to her Constitutional principles. (God help them if they betray our trust.).

What I did not do, however, is choose any district-specific candidates . I trust that each of you is doing his/her homework on the candidates in your given districts, and will know them better than I would. Remember, vote for the best candidate for the job, as long as they are also the ones with the best chance of winning.

(I also have not researched the Ohio Supreme Court candidates thoroughly enough to provide a recommendation, but will post ASAP once I’ve done so.).

Thank you for your time. Good luck, and God bless.

Rob Browning

GOVERNOR & LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: John Kasich (R) – Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Sen., Investment Banker and ’00 Presidential Candidate.

& Mary Taylor (R) – State Auditor, Ex-State Rep., Ex-Green City Councilwoman & Accountant.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Jon Husted (R) – State Sen. & Ex-State House Speaker.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Robert Owens (Constitution) – Attorney, John Birch Society National Board Member & ’08 Candidate .

STATE TREASURER: Josh Mandel (R) – State Rep., Ex-Lyndhurst City Councilman, Attorney & Iraq War Veteran.

STATE AUDITOR: Dave Yost (R) – Delaware County Prosecutor, Ex-Delaware County Auditor and Ex-Delaware City Councilman.

U.S. SENATOR: Rob Portman (R) – Ex-US Budget Director, Ex-US Trade Representative, Ex-Congressman & Attorney.


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