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Resetting the Course

The American Dream

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Declaration of Independence

It seems there are, in these troubling times, many misconceptions among the people living in the United States. Regardless of age, race, religion, occupation, gender, political ideology, or even “sexual orientation”, the numerous sects or communities in the United States each clamor for their rights. Gays and lesbians want their rights, the various ethnic groups want their rights, the environmentalists want their rights – even child molesters are demanding their particular idea of rights. And because there is an abundance of ideological overlap among these groups and organizations, the cacophony of pleas becomes a collective diatribe of indiscernible noise at times. But there is a reason for that.

Part of the reason is that each individual within each of these groups, desires their own idea of the American Dream. Each of them, at the core of their being, simply wants to live their lives free from ridicule, persecution and oppression – just as we all, as Americans, want to live. But it is precisely due to their misconceptions about rights that they are prevented from realizing their true desire to live their lives as they wish. Many of these people, I’m sure, would be surprised to learn just how much they have in common with the seemingly countless men, women and children who have fled persecution and oppression all over the world, to come to America to be free – for it is the core desire of all mankind to live freely.

So where is the misconception? It is illustrated in the very protests and demonstrations of these many groups and organizations. On nearly any given day any number of them protest for the government to grant them their rights – and therein lies the very root of their misconception. The government does not grant rights. If the government grants something to you, it is a privilege, and privileges can and will be taken away by those who grant them. World history is overflowing with examples of this. One need only to compare the political and societal practices of Russia, Red China, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea to those of the United States, to see the glaring differences.

It is because the individuals which make up these numerous and varied organizations do not fully understand (or are not willing to admit) the origins of their rights, that they beg the government to grant them. This is a mistake, because it misses the crucial point of being an American citizen: That we all have the same rights, and that those rights can’t ever be taken away.

Many would say that our rights come from God. But this concept tends to cause, in many cases, the knee-jerk reaction of automatically rejecting the premise, for whatever reason. So let us simplify the concept in much the way the founders did, by simply stating that each of us attains these rights upon our very conception. They exist even before we are born, which is why the founders considered them to be inalienable – meaning they cannot ever be taken away.

Not only can our rights never be taken away by anyone, anywhere, at any time, for any reason, but they apply to every single one of us, regardless of age, race, religion, occupation, gender, political ideology, or even “sexual orientation”. In other words, there’s no need or reason to ask the government to grant us what we already possess. That is the wrong process of protest. What should, instead, be protested is the behavior of any government official, policy or legislation which hinders our ability to freely exercise our natural, inalienable rights – from the local police department, school board and town council, to the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress and the President of the United States.  For they are bound, by law, to protect the rights of citizens and the several states, as outlined in the Constitution for the United States, the Bill of Rights and their own Oaths of Office.

What is needed is not to ask the government for anything other than to stand by its sworn purpose: To protect all of our rights, at all times. For when we, as a truly equal, united people, succeed in bringing about this fundamental change back to the American Rule of Law, we will have succeeded in ensuring the freedom and equality of ourselves, our children, and our communities.

Copyright 2010, Robert Browning, all rights reserved.


“The Mad Helmsman”

The great vessel called “America” is now in the midst of a vast and powerful socio-political storm, being buffeted from every direction by the strong and hateful winds of the political left.  And it seems that nobody with any navigational knowledge is at the helm.  Clearly, the present, narcissistic, would-be helmsman not only lacks the critical experience necessary to keep our beloved vessel upright and clear of the rocks, but, like a madman, is purposefully steering her directly into the most destructive wind and waves he can find, all the while encircled by his defenders — the wielders of the swords of propaganda, demonization, arrogance, elitism and tyranny.  Together they keep at bay the attempts of the experienced navigators and the “old salt” sailors who readily recognize the dire situation and cry out in desperate pleas to bring the ship about, reset her course, and once again, weather such a storm.

Tensions between the two sides continue to escalate, dramatically.  In the chest of every man, woman and child on board the once noble and majestic “America”, hearts pound frantically as they glance back and forth between the jagged rocks in the closing distance, and the mad helmsman as he grins boastfully, daring anyone to challenge his presumed “authority”.

But all hope is not lost for “America”.  For, among the desperate pleas for a change of course, there are those who’ve wiped away their tears, and have begun to think, to plan and to react.   These wise and seasoned sailors remember the original course that their beloved vessel was intended to sail.  They know that her hull is still intact, that her masts, lines and sails — her navigational foundations — while beaten and tattered, still function as they should, and that all that need be corrected is her course.  They understand that to do this, they must regain the helm — at all costs — and begin the process of weathering the storm, so that “America” may continue her noble voyage…

…and that the sun may shine on her once more.

Copyright 2010, Robert Browning, all rights reserved.