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Living Free, in Spite of the Bastards: A Philosophy of Freedom

Hello, folks.  Last night’s show, Required Reading for Rebels, focused on three of the primary fundamentals of  “living free, in spite of them”.  The first issue covered was that of homesteading.  Now, I’m hardly an expert on the matter, but I see the practice of homesteading as being the first way in which American Patriots can begin to live free.  Considering that our government is steadily trying to control more and more of our lives, like wanting to pass laws saying we can’t grow our own gardens, or collect rainwater, or produce our own energy instead of buying it from the local electric company, the prudent Patriot should enter into peaceful resistance mode through the practice of homesteading as soon as possible.

An excellent source from which we can begin our education is  Rest assured, I will be learning right along with you, and I hope to see you in the forums.

The next, and to my mind what will be the very foundation for future survival, is the concept of what the military might call S.E.R.E., or Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape.  Why?  Because, if you live free “in-place” long enough, there will come a time when someone with a tin badge and a gun (probably several) who will try to tell you that you’re “not allowed” to do these things.  Telling them NO will put you on the move, or at least it had better.  Staying in place and trying to defend yourself will ultimately become an exercise in futility — they will simply burn you out, if nothing else.

You must be capable of, yes, fighting your way out of such a situation, after which you will be treated as a fugitive, demonized by the media, and wanted by every “law enforcement” agency in the country.  You will be on the move, and you might as well think of this as a permanent situation, and prepare for it as such right now.

The single best source I know of for such information is Paladin Press, where there is a nearly endless library of books and videos on a multitude of related subjects.  I can personally recommend the book Fugitive: How to Run, Hide and Survive, by Kenn Abaygo.  Suffice it to say, the man knows his subject matter, which is the case with all of the items available from Paladin.

When you are on the move, and if you’ve been successful in your evasion, you will come to the place in your life as an American citizen when you will have to make a very serious decision.  If you are truly an American Patriot, it’s a decision which, like me, you made long ago.  It is deciding whether or not to hit them back.  To enforce strict adherence to the U.S.Constitution to which so many of those who oppress you swore an oath to support and defend.  You will have become a resistance fighter, fighting for your country in the same vein as those courageous, honorable and righteous men and women who founded the first and only nation dedicated to individual freedom.

Again, Paladin Press has a wealth of educational resources available on every subject related to resistance fighting.  I personally suggest to any ardent, serious, dedicated Patriot, to study, earn and understand to the fullest extent possible The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.  This brilliant military masterpiece has been a cornerstone of battlefield theory for thousands of years.  History has proven time and again, those who adhere to the lessons taught by Master Sun claim victory, and those who do not suffer defeat.  If, as an American resistance leader, you don’t read anything else on the subject, read and learn this one.


Now that I’ve presented you with the three primary fundamentals of the concept, let’s talk about one more very important consideration:  Why.

For men and women like me this question has already been answered.  We answered it for ourselves, in our hearts and in our consciences long ago.  But many Americans are hesitant to commit, apprehensive about the consequences of such actions.  And many simply do not see a need for such “drastic measures” in the first place.  For the latter I have no words other than to say, wake up already.  If you cannot see the tyranny marching toward you from every direction, you are oblivious, in denial, or just plain stupid — and I don’t believe you are stupid.  Like an alcoholic or an addict, the first step is admitting there’s a problem.  Take it.  Take it now.

Those of you who are hesitant or apprehensive should understand that I, too, felt as you do, about ten years ago.  Reading the words of our founders helped my to understand the righteousness of being a Patriot, and the courage required to do so.  The Founding Fathers knew full well that their Declaration of Independence was, in fact, an act of treason against the British crown, and that they would be treated likewise.  Yet they pledge to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

I do not take on this duty lightly, ladies and gentlemen.  I know full well the potential repercussions involved in doing so, and incarceration is hardly the extent of them, I promise you.  But I have realized that the alternative to resistance is capitulation…submission…slavery.  So, for me and those like me, there really is no choice.  Because any true American Patriot would rather die than be their slave.



The Griz







Live Free! Die Hard!

Last night (Sunday, October 31st, 2010) on the Rantus Politicus radio show, I posed the more or less hypothetical scenario of tomorrow’s mid-term elections having negative results for our Republic.  Meaning, Obama and his ilk are able to continue our rapid progression towards Socialism and the American Police State.  And in posing this scenario, I also posed the related question, “What do we do?”.

While I offered several of my own thoughts and observations as to what we, as sovereign American citizens, should do when November fails to yield a reversal of tyranny, I feel that the concept requires clarification.

Traditionally, Americans — with varying degrees of grumbling — have been content to stomp off like irate children, steel their political resolve, regroup and then return after a political defeat, usually chanting the “wait ’till next election”, or “we’ll get ’em next time” mantras.  The repercussions from the 2010 mid-terms, however, will be of critical historical importance, and it seems to me that the average, Patriotic, sovereign American citizen fully understands this, and will not be so keen on continuing the drastically ineffective practices of letter-writing, petition-signing, demonstrating and protesting.  There is already talk of “revolution”, and “marching on D.C.”, albeit mostly from individuals with an abundance of motivation, and a lack of forethought.  While “revolution” may, indeed, be the true American Patriot’s only eventual choice, anyone considering it must also consider — very deeply, and very seriously — the myriad challenges and consequences thereof.  For when one truly considers the depth and detail involved, one soon realizes that going off half-cocked against the leviathan that is the modern American government, would quickly become an exercise in futility.

So again, we face the daunting question of what to do when “the system” fails us.  The answer is both simple and complex.  I often tell people, “Live free, in spite of them!”.  Quaint little phrases carry within them an unseen and often unconsidered depth.  The idea is simple enough to understand on its face, but again, the concept is deeper than what is reflected from the surface.

You say to me, “Griz, what do you mean ‘live free in spite of them'”?”  “Who is ‘them’?”  “What the hell are you talking about?”  And I tell you now, the answers are laid out before us, my dear friends.  They are in our own heritage!  Our own history! The words of our Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers!  They’re in Black’s Law Dictionary!  They’re in the words of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, George Washington!

Living free in spite of them, means we live our lives as free men and women!  They say we can’t grow our own gardens — we grow them!  They say we can’t home-school our children — we school them!  They say we can’t own this gun or that — we own several!  They say we aren’t a Christian nation — we show them that we are!

But, once again, the idea is simpler than its undertaking.  The powers that be don’t appreciate being told “no”, do they?  But what are our choices, ladies and gentlemen?  So long as we continue to protest, demonstrate, send emails and sign petitions, we are playing their game, with their rules — rules that, more often than not violate our rights, instead of protecting them.  I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be violated again.  I refuse to be their fool.

Living free means you keep them at as far a distance from your life as possible.  Living free means you fully understand that what you’re doing is right, is within your rights, and is none of their damn business!  Living free means you understand that, sooner or later, they will come to tell you “No, you can’t!”, and you are prepared to clearly deliver the undeniable counter-message of “YES!  I CAN!”.  Living free means you don’t need the government, or any of their agents, snooping into the lives of you and your family, and you’re ready, willing, and quite able to ensure that if they ever do, it’s going to cost them more than they can ever pay.

Living free in spite of them, generally speaking, is the concept which founded the single greatest nation this world has ever seen.  And it can be the concept which restores that same nation to her former glory.  But we, as sovereign American citizens must reach into the very depths of our souls and muster the courage to match our convictions.  Because if we don’t America dies.  And if America dies, freedom the world over dies with her.  So do we, and our children and grandchildren along with us.

Living free means we know our history.  Living free means we know our rights, and that they are ours even before we are born, and that no man can ever regulate them, or take them away.  Living free means we live as much “off the grid” as each of us can.  Living free means we lead by example, so that more people will want to follow that example and live free as well.

If each of us takes it upon ourselves to start living free, living according to Constitutional principles, and sets the example for others to follow, then in time others will do the same.  And if we can continue to live free within our own immediate neighborhoods and communities, then the concept will grow, spreading out like the branches of a tree.

It is no small undertaking, I know.  But if I can accept it as duty, so can you.

The day is coming, very soon, when each of us will be forced to decide whether or not we care as much about restoring our Constitutional Republic as our Founders did about establishing it.  And when that day comes to you, I hope that the following words will guide you in your decision.

“Do not pray for easy lives.  Pray to be stronger men.  Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers.  Pray for powers equal to your tasks.  Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle.”

– Phillips Brooks, U.S. Episcopal Bishop (1835-1893)

As for me, I made my decision long ago.  And in my heart and mind, I believe as Thomas Jefferson did, so long ago:  “I have sworn on the altar of God eternal enmity against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

Yours in Liberty,

The Griz

Candidate Recommendations for the Ohio Mid-Term Elections

My fellow American Patriots,

Below is my list of the candidates for whom I will be casting my vote in the upcoming mid-term elections. I’m sure you understand how critical the upcoming mid-term elections are to the future of our beloved Republic, and I know that voting for true, America-first, conservatives is key to correcting the destruction brought upon our nation by those who seek to destroy it. I assure you, where feasible I’ve chosen the candidate possessing both the best possible platform and/or record, and the best chance of winning as well. However, where a Republican candidate has shown a history of anti-American policies and voting, I’ve eliminated that person as a possibility – most notably, Mike DeWine: He’s a RINO of the highest order and must have his career soundly ended this November. Aside from that, I’ve chosen the candidates on my list based on what I believe to be honesty and integrity, and their true desire to bring Ohio, and America, back to her Constitutional principles. (God help them if they betray our trust.).

What I did not do, however, is choose any district-specific candidates . I trust that each of you is doing his/her homework on the candidates in your given districts, and will know them better than I would. Remember, vote for the best candidate for the job, as long as they are also the ones with the best chance of winning.

(I also have not researched the Ohio Supreme Court candidates thoroughly enough to provide a recommendation, but will post ASAP once I’ve done so.).

Thank you for your time. Good luck, and God bless.

Rob Browning

GOVERNOR & LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: John Kasich (R) – Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Sen., Investment Banker and ’00 Presidential Candidate.

& Mary Taylor (R) – State Auditor, Ex-State Rep., Ex-Green City Councilwoman & Accountant.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Jon Husted (R) – State Sen. & Ex-State House Speaker.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Robert Owens (Constitution) – Attorney, John Birch Society National Board Member & ’08 Candidate .

STATE TREASURER: Josh Mandel (R) – State Rep., Ex-Lyndhurst City Councilman, Attorney & Iraq War Veteran.

STATE AUDITOR: Dave Yost (R) – Delaware County Prosecutor, Ex-Delaware County Auditor and Ex-Delaware City Councilman.

U.S. SENATOR: Rob Portman (R) – Ex-US Budget Director, Ex-US Trade Representative, Ex-Congressman & Attorney.

A Brief Thought from Jay Anderson

Obama has elected himself supreme dictator. It is displayed in his every word, his every action. We the people of this once proud nation must find common ground and defeat this tyrant. I appeal to the American public: please set aside your party affiliation. Understand that what once made the democratic party a constructive opposing force to facilitate the balance of power exists no more, and take me at face value when I say I would just as quickly abandon my party affiliation in the event it became infiltrated by the same enemy as has been yours. I appeal to the American public to also, please, set aside your selfish personal interest and give for the greater good of all. Being a good citizen is as simple as accepting the parameters in which you live, regardless of situation or personal choice, and working for a better America, working to improve yourself. In the end you will have not only created a better tomorrow for your neighbor, you will have created a better tomorrow for your family and for yourself.


Jay Anderson