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Living Free, in Spite of the Bastards: A Philosophy of Freedom

Hello, folks.  Last night’s show, Required Reading for Rebels, focused on three of the primary fundamentals of  “living free, in spite of them”.  The first issue covered was that of homesteading.  Now, I’m hardly an expert on the matter, but I see the practice of homesteading as being the first way in which American Patriots can begin to live free.  Considering that our government is steadily trying to control more and more of our lives, like wanting to pass laws saying we can’t grow our own gardens, or collect rainwater, or produce our own energy instead of buying it from the local electric company, the prudent Patriot should enter into peaceful resistance mode through the practice of homesteading as soon as possible.

An excellent source from which we can begin our education is  Rest assured, I will be learning right along with you, and I hope to see you in the forums.

The next, and to my mind what will be the very foundation for future survival, is the concept of what the military might call S.E.R.E., or Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape.  Why?  Because, if you live free “in-place” long enough, there will come a time when someone with a tin badge and a gun (probably several) who will try to tell you that you’re “not allowed” to do these things.  Telling them NO will put you on the move, or at least it had better.  Staying in place and trying to defend yourself will ultimately become an exercise in futility — they will simply burn you out, if nothing else.

You must be capable of, yes, fighting your way out of such a situation, after which you will be treated as a fugitive, demonized by the media, and wanted by every “law enforcement” agency in the country.  You will be on the move, and you might as well think of this as a permanent situation, and prepare for it as such right now.

The single best source I know of for such information is Paladin Press, where there is a nearly endless library of books and videos on a multitude of related subjects.  I can personally recommend the book Fugitive: How to Run, Hide and Survive, by Kenn Abaygo.  Suffice it to say, the man knows his subject matter, which is the case with all of the items available from Paladin.

When you are on the move, and if you’ve been successful in your evasion, you will come to the place in your life as an American citizen when you will have to make a very serious decision.  If you are truly an American Patriot, it’s a decision which, like me, you made long ago.  It is deciding whether or not to hit them back.  To enforce strict adherence to the U.S.Constitution to which so many of those who oppress you swore an oath to support and defend.  You will have become a resistance fighter, fighting for your country in the same vein as those courageous, honorable and righteous men and women who founded the first and only nation dedicated to individual freedom.

Again, Paladin Press has a wealth of educational resources available on every subject related to resistance fighting.  I personally suggest to any ardent, serious, dedicated Patriot, to study, earn and understand to the fullest extent possible The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.  This brilliant military masterpiece has been a cornerstone of battlefield theory for thousands of years.  History has proven time and again, those who adhere to the lessons taught by Master Sun claim victory, and those who do not suffer defeat.  If, as an American resistance leader, you don’t read anything else on the subject, read and learn this one.


Now that I’ve presented you with the three primary fundamentals of the concept, let’s talk about one more very important consideration:  Why.

For men and women like me this question has already been answered.  We answered it for ourselves, in our hearts and in our consciences long ago.  But many Americans are hesitant to commit, apprehensive about the consequences of such actions.  And many simply do not see a need for such “drastic measures” in the first place.  For the latter I have no words other than to say, wake up already.  If you cannot see the tyranny marching toward you from every direction, you are oblivious, in denial, or just plain stupid — and I don’t believe you are stupid.  Like an alcoholic or an addict, the first step is admitting there’s a problem.  Take it.  Take it now.

Those of you who are hesitant or apprehensive should understand that I, too, felt as you do, about ten years ago.  Reading the words of our founders helped my to understand the righteousness of being a Patriot, and the courage required to do so.  The Founding Fathers knew full well that their Declaration of Independence was, in fact, an act of treason against the British crown, and that they would be treated likewise.  Yet they pledge to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

I do not take on this duty lightly, ladies and gentlemen.  I know full well the potential repercussions involved in doing so, and incarceration is hardly the extent of them, I promise you.  But I have realized that the alternative to resistance is capitulation…submission…slavery.  So, for me and those like me, there really is no choice.  Because any true American Patriot would rather die than be their slave.



The Griz