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What I Want

I want to wake up in my bed in the morning, turn off my alarm clock, go into my kitchen, turn on my coffee pot, and make my own breakfast, from my food, in my refrigerator.  I want to go out to a reliable vehicle of my choice and drive to my job — a job which pays well enough for me to further myself and my family through my own effort, and which has a future.  I want to grow in my job, and in my life, through my own hard work, my own dedication, my own merit.  I want my kids to go to the school of my choice;  a school where they are taught the true, rich history of America, and that they should be proud of it.  I want to be able to trust that when I’m in my vehicle, there is no chance that my government is tracking me, and a government what would never want to.  I want to be able to drive somewhere without having to worry about some arrogant, state-sanctioned thug with a badge sticking his nose in my business because he doesn’t agree with my bumper stickers, and the right to treat him as such if he does.

I want to live my life without being scrutinized, monitored or molested by a tyrannical “Big Brother” government, or the servants thereof.  I want to own whatever firearm I wish, because it is my God-given right, from birth, is absolute, and non-negotiable.  And I want police, judges, attorneys and politicians in every office and on every level to fully understand and accept this fact.

I want the institutions of higher education in this nation to actually focus on providing students with an education, instead of indoctrination.  I want teachers in any school, at any level, to be promoted and praised based on merit alone, rather than the rigged and destructive practice of tenure.

I want all Americans to stop behaving like self-absorbed, superficial, materialistic, spineless, misinformed livestock, and start behaving like the intelligent, well-informed, honorable, innovative and courageous people we once were, and that we can become again.  I want American’s running for any office to be Statesmen instead of power-hungry career politicians, so that our cherished nation can be restored to her former glory.

I want the epic failure of the “war on drugs” replaced by something that treats the problem instead of the symptoms.  I want the American people to study the history of Islam so that they won’t continue to be fooled into believing that it is a “religion of peace”.  I want tolerance replaced with realism.  I want criminals crossing into our nation dealt with as the criminals they irrefutably are.

I want prisoners treated as prisoners.  I want acceptance and respect to be earned again, not mandated.  I want our borders sealed shut and the “pathway to citizenship” to be strict, simple and crystal clear.  I want the official language of the United States to be English — because that’s the way it should be, and there’s zero room for argument.

I want the systematic murder of unborn children stopped, and I mean NOW.  I want the theories of Intelligent Design and Evolution taught side-by-side in all schools, and if you’re against the concept it’s because your position is too weak to withstand the debate and shouldn’t be taught at all.

I want the United Nations abolished from existing, operating, or even mentioning the United States ever again, and I want our involvement in it to end NOW.  I want our military supported and honored, and our veterans properly cared for and respected.

I want our United States of America restored to an absolutely Constitutional government, and I want the Citizen’s Militia fully restored, funded and supported as outlined in the Constitution.

And, for the love of GOD, I want “political correctness” unconditionally and eternally replaced by ACTUAL correctness.

What say you?