About Us

Rantus Politicus is the internet home of socio-political commentator and political activist, Robert Browning – AKA “The Griz”.

Mr. Browning is a current member of the American Center for Law and Justice, Campaign for Liberty, Tea Party Nation, and the Ohio Freedom Alliance.  His self-forged Constitutionalist views are the result of nearly twenty years of self-education in the philosophies of Liberty, self-ownership, Natural Rights, America’s founding principles, and the history of warfare, combined with decades of real-world human behavioral observations and personal experience.

A native Ohioan, Mr. Browning currently resides in west-central Ohio with his wife and three of his four children, and has worked as a Structural Steel Welder/Fabricator, Residential and Commercial Roofer, and Over-the-Road Commercial Driver.  He is a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, and is Community Emergency Response Team certified.

While Mr. Browning is currently the sole writer/editor here at Rantus Politicus, he eager to meet and work with other conservative writers and bloggers.  In addition to the Rantus Politicus blog, please be sure to check out the Rantus Politicus show on Blog Talk Radio, every Sunday evening, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Eastern time!

Interested parties should contact Mr. Browning via email at rantuspoliticus@yahoo.com


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