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A Brief Thought from Jay Anderson

Obama has elected himself supreme dictator. It is displayed in his every word, his every action. We the people of this once proud nation must find common ground and defeat this tyrant. I appeal to the American public: please set aside your party affiliation. Understand that what once made the democratic party a constructive opposing force to facilitate the balance of power exists no more, and take me at face value when I say I would just as quickly abandon my party affiliation in the event it became infiltrated by the same enemy as has been yours. I appeal to the American public to also, please, set aside your selfish personal interest and give for the greater good of all. Being a good citizen is as simple as accepting the parameters in which you live, regardless of situation or personal choice, and working for a better America, working to improve yourself. In the end you will have not only created a better tomorrow for your neighbor, you will have created a better tomorrow for your family and for yourself.


Jay Anderson